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Did you know that May 23 is National Heat Awareness Day?
While you’re making your summer plans, don’t forget your pet. As you already know, this Texas heat can be hard to escape and can be especially hard on our furry friends.
Keep your pet inside as much as possible when the temperatures start to soar. When indoors, your pet should also have access to a cool room. Be careful of garages, though they are not “in the sun”, there is usually no ventilation and those areas can also get pretty hot.

Fresh, clean water should always be available. If your pet must stay outside, make sure that there is a cool, shady place that he/she can go when they get too hot, and again PLENTY of water. Providing a pool for them to get into is also a great idea, just remember to clean out the pool daily.


Good Samaritan Act.

A dog – or any animal – should NEVER be left in a car. Temperatures inside a hot vehicle can reach deadly levels in a matter of minutes. In fact, leaving a pet in a hot car for an extended period of time is considered an act of cruelty and punishable by jail time and a fee. By order of the Good Samaritan Act, if you see a pet trapped in a hot car you can do whatever you see fit to help, just be sure call 911 and let them know! After getting the pet safe, continue to look for the owner in nearby stores or restaurants.

Be careful not to over-exhaust your pooch in the heat. Try taking your walks either early in the morning or later in the evening once the temperatures have come down a bit.
Frozen treats, like doggy ice cream, is a great way to help them keep cool on hot days.

Kitties are usually pretty good at finding themselves cool spots to sleep in, so make sure your baby has access to some shady spots. Some kitties prefer hammock beds; these allow the air to circulate around them.

Symptoms of heatstroke are panting, heavy breathing, elevated pulse, and drooling, but can vary from pet to pet. Heat stroke is an emergency. Contact us immediately if you suspect that your pet is displaying signs of heat stroke.

Pet Daycare Service.

Did you know that we offer pet daycare service? What a great option to keep your beloved pet happy and healthy during the day. Our pet daycare service includes meals and supervised playtime. Call us today at 830-625-8074 for more information!

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