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New Braunfels Boarding Kennel for Dogs and Cats

Leaving your dog or cat at a boarding kennel while you are away can add unnecessary anxiety to both you and your pet. At Comal Pet Hospital in New Braunfels, our dog/cat boarding facility offers a convenient solution.

We provide pet boarding services for both dogs and cats. All of our suites are constructed with state-of-the-art materials for comfort, safety, & luxurious amenities to pamper your pets. Each suite is constructed with Silvis Seal™ – allowing us to provide your pet with the best sanitation seal between each suite. Our facility is outfitted with skylights and large windows in our canine area to allow natural sunlight in throughout the day. Furthermore, each pet is given plenty of individual attention and play time to help pass the time until your return. Our cat and dog boarding services ensure that your pet is safe while you are away. So, if you need boarding for a dog or cat in New Braunfels, Comal Pet Hospital will meet with your pet's approval!

Dog/Canine Boarding Accommodations

For our canine guests, we offer combination indoor/outdoor suites (4' x 7' indoor, 4' x 10' outdoor) outfitted with tempered safety glass doors with bowl holders for fresh water and food. Our indoor area is temperature controlled for your pet's comfort and safety. All of our suites are outfitted with a comfortable bed raised up off the floor.

For nutrition, we feed our boarders a sensitive stomach diet to ease the transition from their home food to ours and then back again. We provide our boarders with playtime during the day and make sure that they enjoy a loving, happy, safe and peaceful environment for the duration of their stay.

Cat/Feline Boarding Accommodations

Our feline guests are able to enjoy indoor "play" suites with a large window and a comfortable "hiding" bed area. Our feline boarders are fed a sensitive stomach diet and veterinarian-approved treats, and provide them with a loving, happy, safe and peaceful place to stay while you're away.

Optional Services

Exercise – our suites are roomy enough for exercise. However, if you prefer to have individualized exercise time for your pet, we offer additional exercise time with one of our staff for an added fee.

Pet Medications – We will administer your pet's medications for an additional fee.


Reserve your space for the best dog/cat pet boarding kennel in New Braunfels

Cat or dog boarding reservations should be made well in advance to ensure a spot for your pet. At check-in, a team member will ask for an emergency contact person, your pet's feeding instructions, health concerns, medication instructions and any other special requirements you or your pet may have. This ensures the proper care of your pet during his/her visit.

Book your pet's stay with us, (830) 625-8074.


With our daycare service, your pet will be provided with a private indoor/outdoor suite. He or she will also have supervised playtime, stretching his or her legs under the watchful eye of one of our staff members.

We can provide daytime meals for our daycare clients. We also have veterinarian-approved treats, ensuring your pet's stay with us is a happy and healthy one.

Our earliest drop-off time is 7:30am, with the latest pick up at 4:30pm (unless prior arrangements have been made). Please call with your question regarding prices or to schedule your pet's daycare.

For more information give us a call (830) 625-8074!

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