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September is Animal Pain Awareness Month, which gives us the perfect opportunity to talk about pain in older pets.
Is your dog slower at getting up from a sitting or lying down position? Although your pet may be able to “warm up” and seem better, there is likely some pain and inflammation going on in his/her joints causing this hesitation. Older dogs are at the highest risk for osteoarthritis. One of every two dogs over the age of 10 years of age is affected.

IMPORTANT MEDICAL UPDATE: New Strain of CANINE INFLUENZA-H3N2 closes boarding facility in Austin Texas. We want to make you aware of a recent positive Canine Influenza case in the Austin, TX area, and at least four in Round Rock (as you may have read about in our recent Facebook post).

The cases were sent in for diagnostics and were confirmed positive for a new strain of Canine Flu. In recent months, we at Comal Pet Hospital have actually seen a noticeable increase in patients who are presented to us for pneumonia and other respiratory problems of unknown cause, here in New Braunfels. This new strain was first confirmed in March 2015 in the Chicago area and has spread rapidly to at least 26 states.

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